Flex Shield

Puncture Resistant Insole

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Protect your feet from puncture wounds caused by nails, iron shards, glass and scrap metal. Our Flex Shield Insole offers lightweight and non-metallic puncture resistance for the messiest of jobsites. We add extra cushioning to the heel and a micro-fiber topsheet to reduce slip and hot spots underfoot.

 Puncture Resistant
We use a material called Lenzi-L to build our Flex Shield insole. The fabric is lightweight and flexible, which offers a much more comfortable solution for those needing puncture resistant protection.
Our puncture resistant insole uses a material that is non-metallic, making your feet more comfortable in colder climates and lighter weight underfoot

Done Right
For over 100 years, we've been building the best rubber boots and our accessories are no different. Relentlessly tested in the lab and field, we've engineered our insoles to be a perfect fit with our boots and ensure that they help serve one purpose - to get the job done right.

Perfect Match

With an accomodating shape and size, this insole fits in a wide variety of boots from LaCrosse and other brands.